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Where The Flowers Go To Dry

November, 2021


As the season turns, and the flowers officially fade, I find myself with lots of little dried treasures everywhere I look in my studio. Over the Spring and Summer months I stored away as many dye flowers as I physically had to time to harvest. And trust me- I left SO many behind.

Regardless, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to not only grow my own beautiful dye garden, but to also have tons of help and support from the amazing Hepworth Farms, who grew so many beautiful flowers for me this season. Those flowers will live on in the form of natural dyes and everlasting flower prints. I'm so grateful for such a beautiful opportunity.

It was by far my best grow season for dye flowers that I have had to date. So now, I find myself with a studio filled with beautiful pieces of warmer days strung about. Each little petal waiting for its turn to become something new. Natural dye is really an incredible process- not only do the flowers bloom and bring so much beauty, they also get to transform textiles and paper into art. It's magical to say the least.

Over the course of the season I try to capture handfuls (and sometimes buckets full) of flowers daily. I then leave them to dry in various ways. I have mesh drying racks, screens, and I will often bundle the flowers up and hang them upside down out of the sunlight in a nice dark and dry environment.


So now what? Now I am going to do my best to create lots and lots of incredible things with these flowers. From dyed socks, to bundle dye kits, custom orders, and so much more. I am so excited to share all the beautiful creations with you as I go.

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