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Botanical Kit of the Month Club!

Botanical Dye Kits are a great gift and project for anyone! They allow you to experiment with natural dyeing and learn the basics of this beautiful process. All of our kits include flowers that have been grown in the beauty of the Hudson Valley along with other dyestuff that has been ethically sourced to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. 

Each kit has been lovingly created to bring you a new and exciting kit experience each month! Kits will start shipping November 15, 2022.


Give the gift of a monthly creative experience that will inspire you to connect with nature. Each month shows up in a beautiful box designed by Michelle Moore. Inside the kit will be everything you need to create the project, plus you will learn "how to". Each kit/project is more than just a project, it is a skill that you can use to create on your own. 


Each month will also have access to a video that will explain the contents of the box, tips and tricks for using the kit, and a place to access to a private group for members to showcase their creations.


Want to give this subscription as a gift for the holidays? Please place the recipients address in the shipping info and provide information for the card I will send to their address to let them know!


***Botanical Kit of the Month Club***


-Kits will ship on the 1st and 15th of every month (If you order after the 15th and want the kit for the month we are on you must specify in the notes which month you would like otherwise you will get the next months kit. )


-Each kit will have a new and exciting experience.

Natural dyeing, Eco printing, Hand sewing with your hand dyed fabric, creative mending, botanically dyed paper and more...


-Each kit will contain everything you need to create a one of a kind botanically infused and inspired piece.

The Next 7 Months of Kits will contain the following:


December 2022: Eco Printed Cotton Bandana with pressed garden flowers, wooden dowel, and all the instructions for creating your own one of a kind eco printed item. Kits for December will ship 11/15, 12,1, 12/8, 12/15 to make sure you receive it in time for the holidays. If you purchase as a gift subscription your will receive a card that specify that this is part of a subscription. 


January 2023: Botanical Bookmarks-Print w/dried botanicals on paper. Learn how to treat your paper and how to get the best colors.


February 2023: Botanically Dyed Silk Velvet Heart

Dye your silk velvet heart and hand sew to create a beautiful decoration/ornament. Project created by JoAnn Nehme.


March 2023: Mending! Naturally dye your own embroidery floss, and flower print your own botanical patches.


April 2023: Silk Velvet Botanical Mushroom Ornaments- Dye your own fabric with dried botanicals and sew your own mushroom. Everything included! Project created by JoAnn Nehme.


May 2023: Botanically dyed paper and painting with flowers.

Papers, Dried flowers, paper soaking ingredients included. Planting a dye garden. Seeds + Instructions included.


June 2023: Hammered flower pouches: Comes with 3 pretreated pouches and Michelle's favorite mallet for hammering. Plus all the directions.


July 2023: Market Tote- Summer Bundle dyeing/Flower hammering/Printing. Each kit comes with a beautiful tote, pre treated and ready to be dyed. Dried dyestuff,and lots of techniques.


Please note that the above is subject to change.

Months 7-12 Announced in May 2023!

Kits contain a variety of available dyestuff. This assortment allows you to experiment with lots of different colors and begin to dive deeper into the art of natural dyeing. 


Your Kit (May) Include- Each Kit will vary based on the seasonality of the flowers/dyestuff (unless it is noted). All colors below are based off of the way in which your fabric was pretreated/mordanted. Other mordants will give various results.

Flowers in general are known to have medium to low fastness- meaning they will not stay as long as other dyestuff that has a very strong fastness (like indigo). However, I have found that with the mix of ingredients, the colors hold up very well after many washes. The color will eventually fade, as it does with any dyed garment. But- because your fabric has been pre treated, you can experiment with your own flowers, and natural elements and simply dye/steam it again. 


Black Eyed Susans/Rudbeckia: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Centers can produce blue-turquoise

Petals will produce yellows

Hopi Sunflower Seeds: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

You can plant these to produce more sunflowers in your own dye garden.

Color Range: Blue-Purples

Sulphur Cosmos: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Will produce bright orange!

Marigolds: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

You can gently remove the seeds and plant them in your dye garden.  

Color Range: 

Will produce a range of colors from yellow to green!

Coreopsis: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range:Yellow-Orange depending on variety! The centers can leave a blue/green. 

Onion Skins:

Color Range:Gold - green depending on the color of the skins. The yellow skins tend to produce more of a gold where the red skins tend to produce more of a green.


Logwood: Ethically sourced

Color Range: Purples - Dark grey

Zinnia: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Light yellow


Black Knight Scabiosa: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Blue- Purple



Rudbeckia/Black Eyed Susan


Hopi Black Sunflower Seeds

Sulphur Cosmos

Hopi Sunflower Seeds

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