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5 Great Options for Botanical Foraging in the Winter Months PART 1

Ok- so "foraging" might be a stretch. BUT if you live in a cold climate in the Winter months like I do, then you know that outdoor foraging isn't exactly an easy task.

Here in the Hudson Valley the trees are bare, the days are dark, and there is always a chance of frost and snow this time of the year. So- flower foraging outside isn't exactly an option. BUT this doesn't mean that you can't still create using natural elements. Here are a few of my "go tos" when I still want to play with nature even in the dead of winter- and some ideas for stocking up so you are ready to dye!

  1. Check with your local florist. Florists still carry tons of beautiful blooms even in the cold winter months, many that are great for dyeing or bundle dyeing with. Flowers like Roses, Blackberry Scabiosa, Yarrow, Eucalyptus, and many more, all come from other parts of the world and will usually be available by the stem. This is a great time to experiment with random varieties as well. So go treat yourself to a little self care bouquet. Pick out flowers that would be great for dyeing with when your are done enjoying their beauty. Don't forget to use that leftover Valentine's bouquet as well. Leftover flower bouquets are tons of fun to play around with and see what kinds of color they make. If you won't get to creating with them before they will rot, tie them up and hang them upside down in a cool dark place for a week or so depending on humidity.

2. Super Market Flowers/Food Waste.

This is also another great option for when you want to experiment with botanical dyeing. Jus