It’s no secret that I LOVE the little things in life. I gravitate toward nature and all of its perfect imperfections. I seek inspiration from a small leaf that has been patterned by the hungry bug, to a perfectly broken seashell washed up on the shore. I admire the result of time, wear, and deterioration. I try to capture those elements in my work through the use of many different techniques.

As I experiment, I often make ‘small works’ which can be quite whimsical and charming.  I find that they can make a great addition to a gallery wall in your home or office, they are sweet in a bedroom or on a bookshelf. They are just little pieces of me. They are simple swatches that sometimes inspire larger works or pattern designs, or sometimes end up just as is. 


The work is made on torn heavy weight canvas that has been treated and primed. Because each piece is canvas, they can also be used to sew on to tote bags, glued to book covers, framed both traditionally or simply hung with a tack or slide frame.


The works vary in sizes and are meant to be unique, one of a kind, little bits of art.


Each piece is signed, dated, and a little piece of me. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.





Michelle Moore