I am so in love with these cloths. They are made from the most beautiful cotton muslin. I then botanically dye them to the colors you see here.


100% Soil Association and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Multi purpose large muslin squares can be used for everything from facial cleansing and body treatments, to baby care, kitchen cleaning, glass drying cloth or made up into a nappy,  arm sling, or even a bandana. 


80cmX80cm or approx. 31inX31in

Dries much quicker than a regular terry cloth or towel and is hence more hygienic.


You will love these cloths! They are amazing. They wash beautifully. 

As with all naturally dyed textiles, please wash in mild or ph neutral soap to avoid color shift. Everything is dyed with a slow process that will ensure longevity of color. 


Each piece is hand dyed which can result in some color variations which make the piece more beautiful and unique. Colors will vary in shade. Some lighter or darker depending on the dye. 


I used Pomegranate, Madder Root, Marigolds, Cutch, Himalayan Rhubarb + Ferrous Sulphate when I dyed these pieces. 


Multipurpose Cotton Muslin Cloth

  • Due to COVID-19 All sales are final. 

  • Pre-washed and ready to use. Wash in mild soap is possible.