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Bundle Dye Boxes are here!

Each one contains a variety of dried dye flowers from the 2023 growing season! I am also including a few sprigs of Japanese Indigo flowers that you can extract seeds from for your own 2024 dye garden.


- Black Hollyhocks

-Black Knight Scabiosa

-Marigolds (2 different varieties)

-Black Bachelor Buttons


-Red Roses

-Sulphur Cosmos



Lear the art of natural dye and bundle dyeing with flowers that are sure to leave beautiful colors are your fabrics or paper. Use the flowers for bundles dyes, ice/snow dyes, or you can choose the individual flowers from the box to create a small dye pot for overall color or making watercolor paints!


Interested in learning more- Check out my March Bundle Dye workshop- This is a perfect addition to that 1 hours class!


Each box contains 20grams of dried Hudson Valley grown natural dye flowers. 


Now shipping!

Bundle Dye Boxes for Natural Dyeing

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