I am now offering botanically dyed TOMS shoes.


How it works:


>First you purchase the listing from my shop. You will then receive an email from me with my address.

>You then head over to the TOMS website and choose your favorite pair of WHITE canvas toms. The TOMS pictured- are linked here. They are called: 

White Cupsole Alpargata

>You will then enter MY address that I sent you at checkout on the TOMS website.

>Once I receive them, I will send you an email to let you know I have them. It will then take approximately 1 week for me to prepare and dye your custom TOMS. I will then ship them back to you using your "Ship to" address.


I will botanically dye your TOMS using only various botanical dyes such as marigolds, logwood, cochineal, hollyhock, lac, and others. If you have a color preference please choose a color from the list below and I will use more of that color on your pair.  All shoes will contain a variety of colors. No two pairs will be the same.


I pretreat all of the shoes first to ensure the longevity of the dye. Some shrinkage of the canvas does happen due to the process, so consider purchasing a half size up. Toms do stretch with time as well.


Botanical dyes will shift and change over time. I hope you enjoy this quality and embrace it. Botanically dyed fabric should be treated gently. Please wash only as needed with a gentle detergent. Use cold water and wash by hand when possible.


If you have a question, please reach out to me.


This listing includes the price of shipping.

Botanically Dyed Toms

  • All sales are final. Please reach out to me with any questions.