Astrid- Beautiful goddess, devine strength. 

This is a 100% silk scarf botanically dyed in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

This scarf was bundle dyed with Cochineal, Marigolds, Lupine and other wild flowers from my garden. 

This scarf will come tied in the little bow you see in the picture. They make great neck accessories, hair accessories, and can be used as a face covering by simply swinging the bow aroudn to the back. 

All of my scarves are unique. They are one of a kind pieces of art that allow you to be one with nature. Botanical dyes have a way of changing in various light. They are said to be full of life. Their colors are vibrant in a way that synthetic dyes can not be.  Naturally dyed pieces have variations in color and should be enjoyed for their imperfections.

All of my fabric goes through a slow natural process to ensure the product is color and light fast. 


  • All scarves are pre washed and ready to wear. Please hand wash or delicate wash with a mild soap when necessary.