Make Art That Sells

So, I decided to finally sign up and take a Make Art That Sells course by Lilla Rogers! This has been something I have been extremely interested in taking for a while. After spending the last 4 years dedicated to my art education, studying Fine Art at SUNY Ulster and Textile and Surface design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I am ready to begin focusing my skill set. I love pattern design. My dream is to see my art emerge in to retail markets across the US and beyond. I want to become a recognized name and designer within this industry.

I love learning, trying new techniques and growing as an artist. I currently have been honing my skills in pattern design specifically. I decided to take this course to help build on my foundation and learn new techniques that can take me to the next level.

I dream of creating children's books, selling designs to major retailers, and seeing my work pop up on anything from stationary to home textiles in the future.

I want to post my journey here, document my designs and share with my community my work as I go.

I'm excited for this journey!

Keep checking back to see how I'm doing...This is a 5 week course so there will be lots to see!

Michelle Moore

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