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Bundle Dye Kits

Bundle Dye Kits are a great gift and project for anyone! They allow you to experiment with natural dyeing and learn the basics of this beautiful process. All of our kits include flowers that have been grown in the beauty of the Hudson Valley along with other dyestuff that has been ethically sourced to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece for you to wear or use.

The fabric within the kit has been pretreated and is ready to dye. It has gone through a slow process that means it will hold on to the botanical much better, and for much longer. 

Kits contain a variety of available dyestuff. This assortment allows you to experiment with lots of different colors and begin to dive deeper into the art of natural dyeing. 

All kits contain:

  • A "ready to dye" textile/ This means the fabric is pretreated with a mordant and ready to accept the natural dye.

  • Enough Botanical Dyestuff to make your project and more

  • A packet of seeds to start your own dye garden

  • String to tie your bundle

  • How to instructions

  • Hudson Valley art card designed by Michelle Moore

*You will need a vegetable steamer- either an insert for a pot you already have, or a classic vegetable steamer- something small is fine. I find these all the time at thrift shops for a few dollars. 


Your Bundle Dye Kit (May) Include- Each Kit will vary based on the seasonality of the flowers/dyestuff (unless it is noted). All colors below are based off of the way in which your fabric was pretreated/mordanted. Other mordants will give various results.

Flowers in general are known to have medium to low fastness- meaning they will not stay as long as other dyestuff that has a very strong fastness (like indigo). However, I have found that with the mix of ingredients, the colors hold up very well after many washes. The color will eventually fade, as it does with any dyed garment. But- because your fabric has been pre treated, you can experiment with your own flowers, and natural elements and simply dye/steam it again. 


Black Eyed Susans/Rudbeckia: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Centers can produce blue-turquoise

Petals will produce yellows

Hopi Sunflower Seeds: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

You can plant these to produce more sunflowers in your own dye garden.

Color Range: Blue-Purples

Sulphur Cosmos: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Will produce bright orange!

Marigolds: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

You can gently remove the seeds and plant them in your dye garden.  

Color Range: 

Will produce a range of colors from yellow to green!

Coreopsis: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range:Yellow-Orange depending on variety! The centers can leave a blue/green. 

Onion Skins:

Color Range:Gold - green depending on the color of the skins. The yellow skins tend to produce more of a gold where the red skins tend to produce more of a green.


Logwood: Ethically sourced

Color Range: Purples - Dark grey

Zinnia: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Light yellow


Black Knight Scabiosa: (Grown in Hudson Valley)

Color Range: Blue- Purple



Rudbeckia/Black Eyed Susan


Hopi Black Sunflower Seeds

Sulphur Cosmos

Hopi Sunflower Seeds

Please note:

All fabric is pretreated with a slow process in order to achieve the absolute best dye results.  The fabric is treated with a tannin and mordant prior to making its way to you. This means it will be ready for dyeing and the results will be much more fast than if this process was not completed. It does however mean that sometimes imperfections may happen to the fabric, these imperfections will not change the outcome of the fabric once it is dyed. 

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