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Discover Botanical Art

Explore the enchanting world of botanical art by Michelle Moore Designs. Immerse yourself in the beauty of natural dye techniques and intricate hammered flowers. This work is a celebration of nature's elegance, inherent charm, and whimsical wonder. All lovingly created in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of New York State. 

A walk through my garden... where creativity blooms

A walk through the garden can provide a handful of flowers and leaves that can fuel the creative process.

Create with what you have in environment. Look closely and experiment. Inspiration is everywhere if we choose to see it. 


What can a few leaves become? A singular flower? A gift tag, a greeting card, a work of art? A few hammered flowers on and old tee can become a treasured textile. 

A handful of coreopsis flowers will be used to create hammered flower prints on fabric. 

On the left: A grouping of pouches. All naturally dyed with Japanese Indigo then adorned with hammered flowers. ​​

below: Fresh Japanese Indigo leaves are hammered and begin to oxidize to create beautiful turquoise prints on fabric. 

Freshly picked cosmos flowers are ready to bring a little magic to fabric and paper. 

 Make a statement with flowers! Turn a simple greeting card in to a work of art, to be cherished by the recipient and not tossed. 

Gift tags are soaked in natural color. Colors can then be shifted with the use of simple ingredients like citrus and baking soda to extend the color palette.

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